Taking Centre County Global

Centre County is a vibrant and promising destination for businesses, offering a diverse economy, a skilled workforce, and a supportive business environment. The Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County has been working diligently to help Centre County “go global” by attracting international businesses to our region and connecting our local companies with regional export assistance partners. In our ongoing endeavors to promote investment in Centre County, we actively partner with several key organizations to propel Centre County onto the global stage.

Learn more about the Chamber’s economic development partners and their specific focus as they collaborate with us to showcase Centre County and attract organizations that align with our community’s vision for sustainable growth.

International Business Attraction

PA Office of International Business Development (OIBD):

The Chamber recognizes the immense value international businesses bring to our community, including job creation, innovation, and the diversification of industries. To foster global connections, the Chamber actively collaborates with the State of Pennsylvania’s Office of International Business Development. This partnership facilitates networking opportunities, trade missions, and connections with foreign consulates, promoting Centre County as a prime investment destination.

Leveraging the Governor’s Action Team:

The Governor’s Action Team (GAT), an initiative by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, plays a pivotal role in attracting businesses to the state. The Chamber works closely with the GAT to showcase the unique advantages Centre County offers to international companies. The GAT’s expertise in site selection, financing options, and navigating government procedures provides valuable support to The Chamber’s efforts.

Focus Central PA

Focus Central PA is a non-profit economic development organization that works to attract and retain businesses in the Central Pennsylvania region. Their primary goal is to create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. The Chamber and Focus Central PA work together to identify potential business prospects, leverage resources, and promote the unique advantages of Centre County as an attractive business destination. Through joint marketing efforts, networking events, and business attraction initiatives, The Chamber and Focus Central PA combine their expertise and resources to drive economic development, foster business growth, and create a thriving business environment in Centre County.

Export Assistance

In Centre County, Pennsylvania, there are several export assistance programs available to support businesses in their international expansion efforts. These programs include the following:

SEDA-COG Export Development Program

SEDA-COG (Susquehanna Economic Development Association – Council of Governments) offers an export assistance program that provides training, counseling, and market research to help businesses explore and enter global markets. Their services include export readiness assessments, export training workshops, export plan development, and assistance with identifying potential overseas markets and buyers.

Office of International Business Development (OIBD): In addition to business attraction, OIBD works closely with businesses across the state, including those in Centre County. OIBD provides various services to support companies in their export endeavors, such as export counseling, market research, trade mission support, and assistance with export regulations and documentation. They help businesses identify international opportunities and navigate the complexities of global trade.

Penn State University’s Centre for Global Business Studies

Penn State University’s Centre for Global Business Studies offers resources and expertise to businesses interested in expanding their presence in international markets. They provide research and analysis on global business trends, host events and conferences related to international business, offer educational programs and training, and connect businesses with faculty and students who have knowledge and experience in global markets.

The Chamber collaborates with our regional partners to harness the collective strength of these resources; we are well-positioned to not only attract new businesses but also support the growth and expansion of our local enterprises.

To discover the wide range of resources and dedicated support available to international businesses interested in our region, we encourage you to get in touch with Todd Dolbin, Vice President of Economic Development, Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County. 

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you explore the exciting opportunities our region offers.

Todd Dolbin, VP Economic Development