Xact Metal Announces A New Sales Partnership in North America and A New Powder Handling System

STATE COLLEGE, PA – June 25, 2024 – Aiming to expand access to affordable metal 3D printing
for small-to-medium-sized companies and decentralize additive manufacturing, today Xact
Metal™ announced its sales and service partnership with Indicate Technologies in North
America and the launch of a new powder handling system.
“At Xact Metal, we’re establishing a new level of price and performance in metal 3D printing by
taking the essential specs of metal additive manufacturing and combining them with
breakthrough technology,” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “We are pleased to
partner with Indicate Technologies because of their strong team and experience in additive
Indicate Technologies provides a strong background in 3D printing through their expansive line
of products, as well as their experience with other tools adjacent to the 3D market, including
sensors and dry electropolishing systems. With a focus on the Western United States and years of
experience handling 3D printers, the Indicate Technologies team will skillfully provide training,
technical support, and maintenance for Xact Metal printers.
“We are excited to begin our partnership with Xact Metal to include a low-cost metal 3D printing
solution in our offering,” said Hoang Van, Director of Additive for Indicate Technologies. “Xact
Metal’s printers can be introduced at a lower initial price and are well suited for existing
industries within manufacturing in the United States.”
Xact Metal also introduced a new powder handling system at Rapid + TCT. The system will stand
separately from the XM200G metal 3D printer and provide the benefit of an improved powder
handling system. Powder containers can be pulled directly from the XM200G and fit onto this
new system for automatic, hands-free sieving. The refreshed powder can then be transferred to
a fresh capsule by opening shut-off valves, resulting in an easier and simpler powder handling
process. The new powder handling system is available for sale now and shipments will
commence in 3Q 2024.

“The new powder handling system eases and speeds up the powder handling process,” said
Gomez, “while maintaining the flexibility of the XM200G printer to support different types of
powders. We are pleased with the solution our team has built and the ability to upgrade existing
Xact Metal will be exhibiting at Rapid + TCT in Los Angeles June 25-27, 2024, in booth #1331.
Throughout the show, Xact Metal will be featuring special guests from collaborative projects
including Jason Lopes of Gentle Giant Studios and Zach Beller and Aaron Chow of VIXIV
(formally known as Voxel Technologies). Keep up on Xact Metal’s social channels for more
About Xact Metal
Xact Metal™ is taking the essential specs for metal 3D Printing and combining them with
breakthrough technology to establish a new level of price and performance in additive
manufacturing. With a desire to enable more and more designers, developers, and
manufacturers to experience the benefits of high-quality metal 3D printing at the best price
possible, Xact Metal aims to change the perception that additive manufacturing is only for
capital-rich companies. The company is privately funded and is located in State College,
Pennsylvania. For more information visit: www.xactmetal.com.