Intrada Technologies Announces Hiring of Cybersecurity Technician

Intrada Technologies is proud to announce the recent hire of Caleb Hill. Hill recently joined Intrada full-time, as a Cybersecurity Technician, after working for over a year on a part-time basis. During that time, he was working on finishing his bachelor’s degree in information assurance & cyber security from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. He graduated and received his degree in May 2023. Hill will be responsible for safeguarding client computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, theft, and damage.

His background in linguistics and poetry and his distinct Luddite streak (he got his first cell phone when he started with Intrada) make Caleb’s road to IT proficiency an unlikely one. His only previous experience with classic tech topics involved a summer fling with Python that ended in technical difficulties and a brief fascination with binary math. However, after two years of Penn Tech’s cyber security program, Caleb discovered Intrada Technologies at a job fair and was thrown into the fast-paced MSP environment.

Through a year of part-time work, his knowledge and understanding of IT soared to new heights. This experience gave him invaluable insights and practical skills that transformed his understanding of the field. He now enjoys working on the Intrada team, using his newfound IT knowledge to help others while working with the security operations team to design and implement cybersecurity services. He has recently completed the MS-900 Security Fundamentals certification from Microsoft and researches and writes about security topics.

David Steele, co-founder of Intrada Technologies, said, “Caleb has been an amazing addition to the Intrada team. He is very dedicated, pays attention to details, is loved by customers, supports other staff without being asked and continues to advance his knowledge to benefit the services we offer. Caleb is also very competitive and that was evident while watching him play for Intrada’s intramural soccer team.”
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