Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County Announces Economic Development Council

The Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC) is pleased to announce the creation of an Economic Development Council. The Council comprises business leaders, chamber members, municipality representatives, and community stakeholders. This initiative aims to harness members’ collective expertise and insights to drive economic development cohesively and synergistically.

Underpinning the Council’s endeavors is the creation of a county-wide comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS). CEDS is a place-based, regionally driven economic development planning process. Further, CEDS provides a framework for strategic infrastructure development, community revitalization, workforce needs, and enhancing Centre County’s competitiveness while improving the quality of life for our shared community.

“The Council is not just about creating a strategic vision for Centre County. It’s about responsiveness and agility,” states Greg Scott, president & CEO, Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County. “In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to seize opportunities and quickly address challenges is paramount. By implementing a CEDS, we are paving the way for a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable economic future for Centre County.”

The CEDS and the Council will play a vital role in fostering partnerships and collaboration among local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations, ensuring a unified approach toward economic development. This cooperative effort allows us to prioritize key sectors and industries that have the potential to thrive in Centre County, thereby attracting new investors that are a good fit for the region.

The creation of the Economic Development Council marks an important milestone for the Chamber, cementing our commitment to working in partnership with stakeholders across the County to foster a prosperous future.

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Economic Development Infographic
Infographic Courtsey California Association for Local Economic Development