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Intrada Technologies Announces Hiring of Cybersecurity Technician

Intrada Technologies is proud to announce the recent hire of Caleb Hill. Hill recently joined Intrada full-time, as a Cybersecurity Technician, after working for over a year on a part-time basis. During that time, he was working on finishing his bachelor’s degree in information assurance & cyber security from the

Workplace Culture is Your Biggest Asset

SUMMARY CEOs agree that workplace culture is their most powerful asset, yet it ranks low on their list of priorities. According to research, a great culture affects reputation, hiring and employee retention. Mark Miller suggests leaders start by making space for hopes and dreams, amplifying vision and values often, and

The Best Business Tax Strategy? Being Tax-Free, of Course. Here’s How.

In 2006, second generation business owner Ken Baker needed to create some liquidity to address some financial obligations. His company, NewAge Industries in Southampton, PA was a small but successful manufacturer of plastic tubing and hose. The company was started from scratch by his father, who decided to retire after

3 Qualities Successful Business Owners Share

SUMMARY Good leaders have the ability to share a clear, compelling vision that attracts top talent and serves a greater purpose. Great leaders are capable of adapting to change and leveraging diversity while creating an environment of psychological safety. Business owners who build authentic relationships with their peers, team members,

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