Economic Development

Why Centre county?

Plan of action: we achieve together

The Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County/Centre County Industrial Development Corporation (CCIDC), along with its Centre County Economic Development Partnership (CCEDP) investors, is committed to recruiting, launching, growing, and retaining diversified businesses through strategic and smart economic development. A robust and sustainable economic-development strategy builds upon existing assets, takes incremental actions to strengthen communities and builds long-term value to attract a range of investments. It also involves a concerted effort of multiple partners — municipal governments, regional economic development organizations, nonprofit organizations seeking to revitalize communities, and other stakeholders — coming together around a common goal. The three core components of the Chamber’s smart-growth economic-development strategy are supporting businesses, supporting workers and supporting quality of life.


Supporting businesses

Supporting and expanding existing businesses and attracting new businesses contributes to economic development in key ways, including helping businesses create jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship,  expanding and diversifying the tax base, and improving quality of life with new services and amenities.


supporting workers

Workforce-development programs ensure residents can successfully compete for employment opportunities and lead to economic prosperity throughout our shared communities.


supporting quality of life

A variety of factors can improve quality of life, such as a thriving downtown, green and open space and a variety of transportation choices.

"Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are."

Teddy Roosevelt

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We Always welcome New economic-development Partners

Join us as we advocate, connect, inform, and fight for sustainable and smart business growth and Centre County’s success.

Plan of Action

'We achieve together'

The Chamber is creating momentum for the future by creating a culture of excellence, facilitating partnerships and leading on issues that elevate economic development and ensure long-term smart growth and sustainability.

The Chamber is also a community partner of several other organizations throughout Centre County and works closely with other chambers and economic-development organizations throughout the region to positively impact our economy and enhance the quality of life of everyone in central Pennsylvania.

Through collaborative initiatives such as CentreREADY™, SuccessWithHonor, HappyValleyAgventures and DRIVEForward, the Chamber is addressing issues critical to business growth and competitiveness, including workforce preparedness, agritourism, NIL initiatives with Penn State student athletes, and transportation infrastructure.